Not just a filmmaker

My name is Margarita and this is my first blog post. So I thought why not introduce myself and say a few things about me.

As I already stated my name is Margarita ( in order my friends in England to remember it they are thinking of pizza or the cocktail. After 3 years in the U.K I respond in these two as well).

I am coming from the beautiful (and famous for other reasons) Greece and I have been in the U.K for almost three years. Even if I already studied Marketing and Advertising, that wasn't enough for me so I decided to study Film & TV Production as I wanted to expand my creativity and be able to combine these two degrees.

After completing my first year in Film & TV Production course ( 2 years ago…) and by loving and missing my Marketing and Management activity, I decided that I have to start managing my profile in social media as a future filmmaker, but my future career goals were a bit different. So my first goal was to do research and create a hashtag that will follow all my posts on social media. After long research I found the perfect one (which you will find under all my blog and social posts as well) #notjustafilmmaker.

Except from my passion for work I also have hobbies and interests, they are hobbies even if they don’t actually differ a lot from my career goals. My passion for Arts has been a part of my life since the first time my parents got me at the Greek National Gallery.

I love and enjoy music, dance, theater and any kind of Art that will be able to “talk to my soul”. That’s because I simply think through my soul, that’s my characteristic and the reason that people either love me or hate me!

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